Rolling down

Rolling down.

You are a thief who snuck into an office to steal important documents, only one problem. How do you get back out? You will need to find a way to the elevator to escape, however the building has multiple elevators which only move a few storeys down. 

Escape the building and come back home safe.

This game was made with a team of 4 people. Two developers and two artists. 

I made the rolling which picks the acceleration of your phone, I made the main menu and I made sure it was compatible with andoid phones. I also tried to implement google play services into the game, however due to a few problems we had to scratch that.

Developers : 

Suzanne Distelbrink (me)

Kaj Rumpff


Jos van Zoelen

Remco van Zoest

void Update () {
           gravity.MagnitudeX = s_X;
           gravity.MagnitudeZ = s_Y;

          Vector3 tiltDest = new Vector3(Input.acceleration.x, Input.acceleration.y, -Input.acceleration.z);
           s_tiltAngle = Vector3.Lerp(s_tiltAngle, tiltDest, 6 * Time.deltaTime);

           gravity.MagnitudeX = s_tiltAngle.x;
           gravity.MagnitudeZ = s_tiltAngle.y;